EAST MAGIC is in fact the continuation of decades works of its founder Fereydoun FARSHBAF in the pursuit of embodying artistic works in projects and industrial productions without any exemption in the quality of art.

With offices in Tehran, Istanbul and Dubai and a team of professionals who are experts in different areas of art and industry we have implemented innumerable projects in the region of Middle East, and are currently in the process of expanding our activities to American and European continents.

To define our exact scope of business is not easy. We make Advertising Films, fill gardens with life-sized Sculpture of Animals, cover walls of luxurious buildings with Embossed Bronze Figures, design and manufacture special  Products like Promotional, Jewellery, Toys and Handicrafts.

... we bring the beauty of art to your business...

We can help you decorate hotels and buildings in unique ways, make sculptures for gardens and parks. And if you are thinking of promotion and advertising... In other words if you have a project and want to bring Art to it please contact us. Meanwhile take a look at our Gallery which is a small collection of our works.




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