As a company in the business of art, EAST MAGIC has 
a wide range of experience in different areas.


Internal and External Decoration

Unique and luxurious internal and external design and decoration of buildings particularly with plaster-moulding and embossed bronze figures. Specially suitable for hotels, fairs.



In the pictures you can see an example of embossed bronze figures and plaster-moulding with over 10m length and 4m height in an International Hotel implemented over its lobby wall 

Statue Design and Production

For a long time we have been cooperating with municipalities and organizations of different cities to design and make sculptures and figures in parks, gardens, buildings and fairs for different purposes.

Here you can see samples of these works, which are life-sized sculptures of animals in parks for education of children.

On the left is a project of educating Latin Alphabet along with figures to children.


Advertising and Graphic Design

We have many experiences in designing and manufacturing special products for advertising and promotional purposes like glass/mirror-tableaus .  Meanwhile  you can consult us about production of advertising films with a combination of animation and computer technology. In other words if you  are going to publicize your project (new products and services, new company, political campaigns, etc.) we can bring artistic solutions for it.
In this picture you can see the Logo of IranAir Company, created by Fereydoun Farshbaf (Founder) in 1960s drawn from the column-heads in the relics of Perspolis, the ancient capital of Persia in 2500 years ago, well known as Homa.


Product Design and Manufacturing

Due to the demands that stems from our experience in design, we have been involved in designing and manufacturing of special products upon request. Jewellery, Toys and especially Handicrafts made from ceramic are examples. Please contact us if you want to launch a new product within these fields and if you are looking for an artistic solution and design.




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